Educating the Public - “Learning is Earning”

Many people are interested in purchasing and using cryptocurrency, but don’t really understand it in any detail – and don’t really know where to start. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. You are in the exact same boat as most users when they first set out to understand cryptocurrency.

EvoBlu recognizes the glaring need for resources people can turn to in order to learn about cryptocurrency. We plan to fill this void by becoming a leading international resource for cryptocurrency education. This informational component will be comprehensive and available to users of all levels of ability and experience – from business owners and executives to novice investors curious about cryptocurrency.

EvoBlu’s mission is to introduce newcomers to the doers and thinkers within the cryptocurrency space, and allow you to grow and learn by providing an open platform where you can ask questions to the community. Members of the community will include knowledgeable people who are willing to share their experiences and expertise for EvoBlu. However, anyone can help or teach others. You are not required to be a expert – just share what you know. In return for your assistance, you will earn EvoBlu. We, at EvoBlu, encourage our community to be active.

The “Education Portal” on the EvoBlu website will specifically be for the community to post questions, and/or any educational material they feel would be helpful to others, such as links to relevant articles, websites, videos, etc.

The portal will also include the “Crypto Answers” page where people can ask a question and any community member can answer for “likes”. It will not be limited to single-answer responses to each question. Even after a question has been answered, members can continue to respond. The amount of EvoBlu earned by a respondent will be based off the number of “likes” their answer receives.