What EvoBlu aims to do


Our goal is to solve two of the biggest challenges facing cryptocurrency at the moment: Utility and the integration of cryptocurrency in everyday life; and the education of the public about cryptocurrency, which is vital to its mass adoption.

We are approaching 10 years since Bitcoin was created and it is still not being used in the daily life of the average citizen. They have little to no knowledge of what Bitcoin / cryptocurrency is or how it works, which is a problem perpetuated by the lack of informational resources. EvoBlu plans to fill this void by becoming a leading international resource for cryptocurrency education.  

Increased public awareness and knowledge will significantly expand the potential applications and utilization of cryptocurrency. 

What the EvoBlu Platform Offers

Our affiliate program offers enterprise level business and marketing solutions, which will aid in its business platform integration.

Packages called “BluPacks” will be available for business owners / entrepreneurs who utilize the EvoBlu platform.

BluPacks are a quick and easy method for entities to purchase business solutions and services provided by our affiliates.

BluPacks offer:

  • EvoBlu coins

  • your own coin (sub chain)

  • Website creation/revamping

  • social media platform creation/revamping

  • Marketing

  • Access to EvoBlu resources and assistance

Own a business and want to how EvoBlu can benefit your business? 


Marketing solutions and services through our affiliate program


The EvoBlu platform provides a wide range of strategic, creative and production services; all designed to grow your business. BluPacks can be integrated as a full-service growth program or as separate services to meet your specific objectives and budgets.

Our core service categories include:

  • Market Research

  • Strategic Planning

  • Brand Development

  • Digital/Social Media Marketing

Brand Development


Effective brand strategies distinguish our clients and advances them to leadership positions in their market space.

Branding services include:

  • Corporate Identity
    Vision, naming, logos, taglines, stationary package, and specialty merchandise
  • Positioning
    Develop and frame a unique value proposition and brand personality valued by target audiences
  • Brand Image Studies
    Determine level of consumer brand awareness and perception to drive brand development initiatives

Digital/Social Media Marketing


To fully maximize return on marketing investment and customer retention, marketing strategies must incorporate the right fusion of communication channels.

  • Media Services
    Research, plan, negotiate, place, track and manage media buys, advertising and PR campaigns
  • Digital Marketing
    Search engine optimization, online advertising, email, mobile, apps and social media integration



What EvoBlu offers Businesses

How can my business and I learn more about blockchain/cryptocurrency?

EvoBlu gathers executives, business leaders, and startups/small business owners into small, focused management workshops to identify disruptive blockchain actions. Users can also get practical advice on which innovations are affecting you and then EvoBlu's blockchain experience can help you implement it.
Get practical advice on which innovations are affecting you, how to implement a solution, and then EvoBlu’s blockchain experience can help you implement it

How can my business use and incorporate blockchain/cryptocurrency?

EvoBlu will advise businesses on the best uses of blockchain and establish a proof of value (PoV) case for your organization, as well as evaluate blockchain solutions providers while recommending a roadmap for implementation.

What is the impact of Cryptocurrency/blockchain tech on my organization?

EvoBlu designs a customized, blockchain-based test that demonstrates both the viability of the technology while providing a mechanism to measure business impact

How do I implement a blockchain solution?

Ultimately, any solution, no matter how prescient, is only as good as its execution. This is where EvoBlu excels ‒ by offering proven expertise in managing complex implementation programs from start to finish.